A Child’s TRUE Best Interest The day after his third birthday celebration, with over one hundred friends and family members, little Grayson Vaughn was ripped away from his family by court order. Grayson was delivered to the custody of his biological father – a virtual stranger to him. The event was horrific for Grayson. [continued]
Louisville top blogger calls for investigation of Ohio Judge Couple that with the fact that the biological father surrounds himself with folks like felon David Floyd Houston. Houston is a persistent first degree felony offender who claims to be giving his experience as a paralegal to help the bio-father free of charge. [continued]

A message from Robin Sax

Attorney and legal analyst Robin Sax invites parents, guardians, child advocates and legislators to better understand flaws in the family court system and the case of Baby Vaughn. This site was designed to help visitors understand the complex legal issues involved the adoption and litigation over Grayson’s custody currently taking place in numerous courts at several different levels in two states.

How you can help

It just takes one click. Please take a moment to contact the leaders we have listed and linked below. Ask these legislators to take a stand to ensure the best interests of children like Grayson: